Standard Robot Command Interface (en)

SRCI (Standard Robot Control Interface) is an innovative technology designed as a universal interface to enable standardized communication between robotic control systems and Siemens PLCs via the Siemens TIA Portal.

By introducing a uniform communication standard, SRCI facilitates efficient and flexible integration of robots into industrial automation environments. It supports the transmission of control commands, the monitoring of robot status information, and the synchronization of motion sequences in real time. The use of SRCI significantly simplifies the programming, commissioning, and diagnostics of robotic systems by providing a consistent and intuitive interface for system integrators and end users.

In this context, Alsensio offers expertise in the robotic-side implementation of the SRCI interface, a key technology for communication between the TIA Portal and connected robotic controllers. By collaborating with Alsensio, companies can ensure that their robotics integrations comply with industry standards and achieve optimal performance and compatibility within the TIA Portal.

To accelerate development time, Alsensio has developed SRCI protocol parsers to verify compliance at the underlying level of implementation.