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The Alsensio GmbH offers expertise in the manufacturing and integration of sensory applications, including:

Sensors and Sensor Principles
Signal processing algorithms for inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, magnetic field sensors, ultrasonic sensors, acceleration sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, flow sensors, and gas sensors.

Sensor Algorithms and Sensor Data Fusion
Self-tests, self-calibration, and compensation algorithms, signal filters, complementary fusion, and competing fusion.

Sensor Interfaces and Fieldbuses
Analog current and voltage interfaces
PROFInet Profiles: PROFIsafe
PROFInet Profiles: Standard Robot Command Interface SRCI
Ethernet-based technologies

Sensor integration into embedded systems
Low-level driver development via UART or SPI Model-based algorithm development (Matlab / Simulink) Classic embedded software programming C/C++/Rust

Safety-critical sensor applications
Functional safety IEC 61508

Data visualization and sensor parameterization
DD development / FDI
Data transmission to web applications / IIOT