Implementation of a SRCI Server

Alsensio was involved in the implementation of the Standard Robot Command Interface (SRCI) in a Cobot. The SRCI protocol was implemented with PROFInet as a Transport protocol.

SRCI (Standardized Robot Control Interface) technology significantly enhances the integration of robots into production lines by providing a standardized communication interface between robots and PLC systems. This standardization addresses compatibility issues, reducing the need for extensive customization and complex programming. SRCI, especially when combined with PROFInet standards, ensures seamless and real-time communication, improving system reliability and efficiency. It allows for easy switching between different robot types and manufacturers, promoting innovation and flexibility. Additionally, SRCI simplifies system maintenance and updates, facilitating the implementation of new features and improvements, thus driving continuous improvement in modern manufacturing processes.

Alsensio GmbH has been instrumental in the implementation of the SRCI protocol on the robot side, developing significant expertise in this area. As a member of the PNO we have access to the neweset specifications – alang with our deep understanding of the SRCI technology this allows us to provide solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance of robotic systems in diverse industrial applications.

Alsensio GmbH is a member of the PNO